The first client for whom we began working in Canada was Savoy’s. The restaurant Savoy’s South Indian Kitchen was already well-known. There was only one restaurant. They did, however, have a sizable consumer base. Among the Keralites and Indian communities, they were well-known. They also had a good deal of business.

We did, however, speak with the restaurant’s proprietors. They did not believe that advertising was necessary. As a result, we had to persuade them of the value of advertising. They didn’t have many competition at the time. Their company was in good shape. And what we did for them was persuade them that they needed to expand and open more businesses.

For examples, large companies and franchisees do not require advertisements. They do, however, advertise. Why? Business will slowly decline if adverts are not present. We won’t know how it happens because the procedure will unfold gradually. It’ll gradually decrease. Not only that, but every business loses customers every year. We may lose 10% to 30% of our consumers, according to statistics.

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December 15, 2021

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As a result, we must attract new clients. At the same time, we must develop. Either we should expand our present businesses or we should open new branches in different locations. Company need to diversify. Start a variety of businesses. Only then will we be able to progress. Otherwise, we will be stuck without the ability to grow. So we spent some time persuading them of these facts. And once they started following our guideline They started to grow. They began with one restaurant and have now expanded to four. The first restaurant is followed by the second, third, and fourth restaurants. Then we are trying to expand their hotel business across Canada and the United States. As a result, their customer base grew from the Indian community to the worldwide community. In reality, in their field, numerous direct and indirect competitors arose. They are, nonetheless, able to maintain a standard that is higher than any of others. Reason behind this growth is that we developed good commercials, fresh advertisements, and adopted new ideas. They were using photographs taken from the internet earlier. However, Ideamax updated the website with new photographs, videos, and unique content. We started writing more blogs, various types of blogs. As social evidence, we raised their social media following. When we performed such things, they were able to expand and open other types of places and enterprises, and we were able to complete all of their tasks with regard to Savoy's.

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